About Us

Efficient Soil Removal and Construction Process

  • We are the most innovative basement soil removal company in the Washington D.C. area. Our specialized micro excavator can be inserted through a 30″ wide opening. Aggregate conveyors remove the dirt around tight spaces to the outside. Less manual labor simply means lower costs to the consumer.
  • All our equipment is outfitted with zero emission muffler technology. We will not introduce any noxious fumes or vapors to your home.
  • We thoroughly seal the living levels from the construction zone to prevent dust migration. We also routinely install temporary water heaters and AC units when necessary. Live comfortably through the process with only noise disturbance to worry about.

100% safe structural approach

  • To date we have removed approximately 1,200 tons of soil from DC basements with no movement whatsoever to existing structures. All norms and regulations are strictly adhered to. Independent 3rd party inspectors verify every phase of underpinning.

Best waterproofing system available

  • We use the BEST waterproofing system on the market. Your basement will stay dry for the next 20 years and beyond. Backup areaway drains and backup pumps on sump pumps systems are recommended for maximum protection.